Loloata Island R & R

Victoria crowned pigeon

After seven days of trekking through the green-clad mountains and valleys of the Owen Stanley Ranges, it was time for a bit of R & R before heading home. Unfortunately in Port Moresby, R & R stands for razor-wire and raskals, and we were seeking rest and relaxation. Consequently, Nick, Imogen and I headed for Loloata Island (a low-key dive resort), some twenty minutes by car and a further twenty minute boat ride across Bootless Bay from the PNG's capital (after walking almost 100km, any place called bootless is an attraction).

It wasn't that far away in distance, but was a world apart in ambience. Bobbi and Jodie had similar ideas and joined us for a couple of pleasant days of post-trek recovery and easing oneself back into the real world (which means that Loloata has wifi connectivity).

Loloata Island

It was great to wake up and not have to walk anywhere, though the stroll along the narrow spine of the island was so good I did it a couple of times. On my final walk, I realised why I enjoyed it so much - the cool trade winds blew across the open landscape, from whence I could look out across the ocean for kilometres in any direction - so different from "the Track".

Loloata sunset

Early morning walk on the spine of Loloata

Papuan wallaby

Apart from that, my time was spent relaxing on the deck of our rooms, cold beer in hand, as the sea lapped noisily beneath the timbers; enjoying the wallabies and peacock-sized Victoria crowned pigeons that roamed the gardens; checking out the snorkelling at nearby Lion Island and enjoying the fresh seafood on offer.

It was just what I needed and the photos here show why.

The marine life of Lion Island